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The Arizona wildfires have affected many, including pets

Posted by Penny ^..^ on 6/27/2011
On Friday, June 17, I received the following letter from a Kitty Kuddly customer in Sierra Vista, AZ where the wildfires were threatening families and their pets. The Kitty Kuddly is very close to my heart because I designed and hand-make each one. To get a letter like this means so much to me. To know my product was used to help a kitty-in-need and his worried family made me feel very proud and humbled. Penny ^..^ "Dear Penny, You might be interested in this: Our area is under state-emergency with the threat of the fires. It's about 4 miles south of us now. Many residents have been evacuated. We 'took in' an evacuated kitty last night. I took your Kitty Kuddly along with a carrier over to a neighbor being evacuated. When we went to help with evacuation, I told 'mom' about your Kitty Kuddly, explaining she could use it to get 'Mr. Bo' into the carrier. The owner came out with 'Mr. Bo' cradled in the bottom of the Kitty Kuddly barely peeking out ---- just like some of your photos!! Your Kitty Kuddly worked perfectly! Thank you!!" --Nancy Olmstead, Sierra Vista, AZ

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 The Arizona wildfires have affected many, including pets

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