Please DO NOT leave your pet inside of a parked vehicle. Even with the windows down and parked in the shade, a car's interior temperature can reach dangerous heat levels in a very short time. A pet can easily collapse due to heat-stroke, dehydration, nerve and brain damage, etc. Also, remember if the window is down far enough your pet may be able to escape. I know we all like to take our "furry" friends for a ride, and trust me, they love to go for a ride, but during the summer months it's better to leave them home. If you think your pet has become over-heated, please seek emergency veterinary care immediately, it can be the difference between life or death. Please call your veterinarian's office to seek medical advice on what to do while you are driving to the vet hospital and to let them have time to prepare for your emergency arrival. In some states it is illegal to leave pets in parked vehicles! Please call 911 if you see a pet in distress in a hot, parked vehicle. Wishing everyone a safe and happy summer. Penny ^..^
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