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We are trying to help pets in need through our products

Posted by Penny ^..^ on 4/15/2018
I am happy to announce we are now affiliated with PP4PA.com, Pet Professionals For Pet Adoption. I am a veterinary technician and see the everyday horrors of pets bought from "puppy/kitten mills." There are a lot of reputable breeders, but you must be careful. There are so many pets in adoption shelters looking for a "second chance" to find their forever homes. If not for pet adoption, we would not have our wonderful furry family members. If you are looking to add a furry friend to your family, please consider your local pet adoption center. Very often you can find pure-bred pets. They may not have AKC/CFA papers, but if you're set on a certain breed you might find your new family member. Penny ^..^

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 We are trying to help pets in need through our products

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