The Kitty Kuddly is the design of a veterinary technician of over 20 years living in the California Bay Area. Her every-day interaction with all kinds of animals gave her the idea to create a product to help comfort the cats (and small dogs) brought into her office for treatment. Most know that cats have an especially hard time being handled by strangers and in strange places. The unique design made it easy to move cats from exam room to treatment area, comforting the cat and protecting staff from dangerous scratches!

Kitty Kuddlies make the entire experience more calming and effective for both the vet and the patient. A happier patient responds better to treatment and is ultimately healthier.

A number of vets around the country are using Kitty Kuddlies in their practices and offering them to their patients.
The Kitty Kuddly can give comfort to your little friends too!

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