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Customer Comments

Below are some comments from our customers. Thank you!

I received my Kitty Kuddly today.
I put it out on Marmaladeís favorite chair and within minutes she was nestled in.
Has been there all evening. Itís a hit already.
She jumped out for a snack and a trip to the litter box and then went right back to it.  
Very happy kitty!

--Sandra C., Helotes, TX


Here's Marley in his new Kitty Kuddly.It's beautiful!

Thank you so much...

--Diana S., Loveland, CO

My veterinarian used the Kuddly in her office so I just knew I had to get my kitty one!!
When I received mine for home "Kittyyy" jumped right in and "Kuddled"!!
Thank you so much!!! Thanks for her little toy mouse!!

--Starr D., San Jose, CA


"I have Kitty Kuddlys for both of my kitties & they are loving them. I just got them out since the weather has stated to change & Tigger has gone right back to sleeping in it during her nap & will stay in it all nite. One morning she was still in it when I left for an apartment & still in it later in the day." ...

"I became acquainted with her product when Tigger started going to an animal ophthalmologist for eye infections from living on the street before I rescued her. At the vet they used the Kuddly to carry her into the next room for her exam. Penny makes these for vets all over the U.S. She has many fabrics to choose from & they are all heavy glacier fleece. She even has them for small dogs. I told Penny that I love this product so much that I would send an email to all my kitty & small dog lovers!!"

--Eloise, San Jose, CA

"The Kitty Kuddly has made trips to the vet and giving medications so much easier. Thanks for your great work, Penny."

--Jen Lee, Hayward, CA

"From the moment my kitty hopped up on our vet's examining table and immediately snuggled into her Kuddly, I had to have one. And in fact, I had to have two, one for each of our kitty companions so they each have their own. I wish Penny made human sized Kuddlies too!"

--Elaine Culverwell, Fremont, CA

"Hi, we received Kitty Kuddly in perfect condition and what a nice packaging job you did. I LOVE it, attached are a couple of pics of what Patrick thinks of it.
'Barsadolls Dirty Dancing' AKA Patrick.

Thanks again."

--Gina Foard, Mariposa, CA

"Just wanted you to know my cats love their Kitty Kuddlies. You do really lovely work. We have never been more pleased with a purchase for our boys. Their names, in case you want them, are YinYin and Hokusai."

--Marcia Treffman, Chicago, Illinois

"Our cat Carl won't go anywhere without his Kuddly. He even dragged it under the Christmas tree!"

--Mary Jacobson, San Jose, California

"I just received my Kitty Kuddly and I could not be more pleased! The quality of the product is outstanding. Thank you so much!"

--Jennifer Schultz, Kent, OH

"Here's one of my 'Grand-Kitties' (Lady Gata) in her new Kuddly. Great product! :o)"

--Pam Thomas, Mesquite, TX

"Max (aka Mr. Crankypants) likes his Pooch Pouch, made by Kitty Kuddly." -- E. Robson, San Francisco


--Carol Allen, Westminster, CA

"I am very happy with the product. My cat sleeps in it all the time and I love that I can move it around so easily so she can sleep in different spots (usually wherever the sun comes in through the windows). It's also great for when I'm clipping her nails. I can scoop her up in it and I'm protected from her back claws. Thanks!"

--Samantha D., West Chester, PA

"WONDERFUL! Put it in a cat carrier & calmed my kitten, Snookie!"

--Joan Leonard, Sherman Oaks, CA

"Felix used to try curling up on my warm, closed laptop... but now finds comfort, solace and security in his very own Kitty Kuddly."

--Dana Taggart, Lexington, Virginia

"I got this Kuddly for my cat Felix, who loves it, but on occasion has to get up to eat, bat a toy, etc. That's when our dog Sophie takes over..."

--Dana Taggart, Lexington, Virginia

"Our new puppy Yoshi wouldn't sleep until he got into his Kuddly. Thank you!"

--Ms. Connor, San Jose, California

"Dave usually sleeps in our room. But after getting him a Kitty Kuddly, he stayed curled up in it in the living room. We have to move it from room to room to get him to follow. We're getting another one!"

--Mike Poulsen, Mountain View, CA