I have been a veterinary technician for over 20 years and created the Kitty Kuddly, a bed/snuggle-bag for pets. This unique product is not just a bed, it is also a snuggle-bag to help "scoop" your kitty into a travel carrier, protecting you from kicking back claws. Everyone knows how much cats hate going into a carrier! Veterinarians even do exams in them, helping to keep the cat calm in a strange environment. My house is ruled by a "pound-puppy" named Gordie, a "pound-kitty" named Phatty, both adopted from The San Jose Animal Care Center and a Citron Cockatoo named Chickenhead. My company is linked with The Animal Care Center in San Jose, CA and we donate a portion of our proceeds to their "Guardian Angel" program. This program makes it possible for sick or injured animals to get the medical attention they need in order to be put up for adoption to find their "forever" homes. Working with animals day-to-day was my inspiration for the unique Kitty Kuddly. I made them to use in the vet hospital to bring comfort to the already stressed animals, but all of the pet owners wanted to buy them. I started my business, Kitty Kuddly, to make them available to everyone :-) They are angel sent on the "paws" of my much loved and missed "pound-puppy" Bryce, whom herself was adopted from a shelter on the east coast. The Kitty Kuddly is hand-crafted with integrity and TLC. When you purchase a Kitty Kuddly, you are not only giving your own pet a gift, but you are also giving a gift to a pet-in-need. Penny ^..^
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