How are your pets after the 4th fireworks?

With many unauthorized or illegal fireworks displays, many pets have major issues with the added stress from the explosions. Our German Shepherd showed more anxiety than ever before, and it wasn't just on the 4th. It's been going on for several weeks. Hopefully, there haven't been any injuries to pets from being too close to the sources. Stress from loud noises can sometimes cause many health related and psychological issues. Our pets ears are very sensitive and they can hear noises that we don’t hear.

If your pet is showing unusual signs of panic, panting, pacing, etc. when they hear loud noises from fireworks we recommend consulting with your vet for options that can help to calm your pet. There are many stress relieving products on the market and also vet prescribed medications. Please talk to your vet about what is best for your pet. Sometimes your fur baby just needs some extra love, snuggles and hugs until they settle down.

In the Bay Area we are experiencing brush fires from the use of illegal fireworks. Please keep this in mind when letting your pets outside. It is always best to go outside with them for supervision. Even though a fire might not be close the smoke from the fire can cause breathing issues. 

During the summer months as brush gets drier and the likelihood of fire incidents go up, and we pray that in an emergency you and your pet or pets are prepared to leave in an emergency. Please always use a carrier when trying to evacuate. Pets get scared and can easily jump out of your arms when outside and in the confusion could possibly get lost. Please make sure your pet has an internal identification chip and a collar and tag with your phone number.

Additionally there is a risk of wild animals getting into yards looking for a water source. These critters consist of rattlesnakes, rats, coyotes, wild boars, etc. Please keep in mind that a rat that might have been poisoned and dies can transfer the poison to your pet if he or she decides it’s a toy to chew on or even a snack. It’s sounds gross but a possibility. Please supervise your pets when they are outside. Together, you and your pet can get some fresh air and sunshine. Always have a clean bowl of fresh water available for your pet. Please do not take your pets in the car on quick errands. They are safer at home. A car parked in the shade with all windows down a little can have a 10-20F degree heat spike in a matter of minutes. Pets can have a heat stroke and need immediate medical attention. 

Kitty Kuddly wishes all of our customers and their pets a safe and happy summer.

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