Our little guy who is a "fur baby" or pound puppy, who we rescued from a local shelter right before his demise. He's been such a cherished part of our lives since we took him into our family.
After the tumor showed up on his head, we needed to figure out what was wrong. It was sudden. We had it removed and put him through two CT Scans, and then we opted to do radiation treatments because his cancer started to enter his skull.
The great professionals at the pet cancer center near us was amazing. 
They created a "mold" of his head to make sure to aim the treatment in just the right places, with the right power.
Of course the question is, "why go through all this trouble and expense?" 
I'm sure many would agree that there is a pet that you bond with, that loves you unconditionally, and gets you through very difficult personal situations. 
He was there for us during some rough family matters, and we chose to apply the same support for our little guy.
We are fortunate enough to have that pet insurance. Without it, we would have had to make hard decisions on how to pay for his treatment. Or not...
This is not an endorsement of any kind, and everyone's situation is different. But taking on the responsibility of a pet comes with personal responsibility. 
The kitties and doggies at the shelter need someone that will take care of them. Please help our rescue pets in any way you can.
We support our local shelters, and would be glad to share our experiences with the SAGE Vet Center in San Jose, CA.
Gordie is bouncing around, happy, and loving life!

Before: tumor removedAfter: radiation treatment complete

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